Friday, September 3, 2010

The Catalog Has Arrived

I just reviewed the most recent Sundance catalog.

Oh my. They have some great goodies for this fall!

I can't help but share some of my favorite things with you...grab some coffee...there are a few...

Just LOVE that Sundance!

Oh my goodness. These are SO cute!

Very fun! Cut off boots!

Did I mention that I like boots?

Darling wrist/arm warmers. It gives me a fun wool idea...

Cool, cool, cool! The purple ones are my favorite!

Great colors.

Did I mention....oh ya - I have a thing for boots.
Oh how cute they are.

These look so comfortable. Do you think they will guarantee flatter stomachs?


How incredible is this quilt?

What? It's mine for only $2,195 plus $400 shipping?  NOTE:  Oh girlfriend just corrected me on's the BED that is this cost. No wonder it's a hefty shipping price! Guess I needed to slow down and read better! :-)

Gotta love knit-wear.

More boots?  See, I can't help myself.

As they say - I love-love-love these shirts!

Did I tell you I adore watches too?

Very classy.

These are the coolest things! Snow sneakers!

Thanks for all the great temptations, Mr. Redford.
(All photos taken from 2010 Fall Sundance catalog.)

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