Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mr. WS Man - Snowman Ornament Tutorial

I decided to call this fella a "warm" snowman because he's surrounded by wool - thus his name - Mr. W. S. Man (W. S. = Warm Snow).

This little guy is easy-peezy to make. I've found that the most difficult part is finding the white, off-white, beige, or light gray sweaters to felt.

To begin, trace and cut two circles the same size of your main fabric. Choose any size you want your ornament to be - just remember you'll have a small seam allowance included. I use my handy left-over lid from something bought long ago.

Using an orange-ish colored piece of recycled felt, cut a lumpy carrott nose for Mr. Man. A jiggly-hand is needed for this part of the project! (You don't need to make a nose template - but I did since I was making so many.)

Hand sew on two black buttons for eyes, the carrott nose, and black yarn french knots for his smile.

Sew the two head pieces together - right sides together - leaving a small hole somewhere around the circle for turning and stuffing.

Turn head right-side out and stuff with polyfil. Stitch together stuffing hole with coordinating thread. Attach a piece of yarn/twine/ribbon/or whatever you wish to the top of ornament for hanging.

Make as many Mr. Warm SnowMen as you wish! Enjoy for yourself or as a fun gift.


  1. Nice tutorial! I bet they will make a wonderful Christmas gifts.

  2. Thank you. They'd be fun as little add-ons to a wrapped Christmas present, wouldn't they? :-)