Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Young Mother

I recently was fortunate enough to see some photos of my mom when she was a young girl that I had never seen before. My cousin brought an old album (hmmm...remember "photo albums"?) to one of our family gatherings. I immediately knew I had to get copies of the photos for my collection. I decided that it worked just as well to take a photo of the photo and actually had nice success with that process.

I adored my mom (and dad) - and even though every mom is special - I guess I happen to think mine was "extra" special.

Mom. They lived on a farm so had many family dogs. She always loved animals.

My mom and her mom (grandma). I love their sweetness and simplicity.

Mom and our cousin, Fred. Mom and Fred were good buds. Oh my, I do believe they look like they were up to something in this picture. The look on Fred's face says mischief.

Mom. Always smiling.

Mom starting to "grow up". She was probably in high school in this picture. High school means time to fix the hair much more fancy.  :-)

Thanks for visiting my mom with me today. It was fun! :-)

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