Monday, March 12, 2012

Yakkity, Yak, Yak

Peeps are fed. Beaks are on. Eyes are in place. And you should hear the peeps talk! It's non-stop!

"Whew. We finally made it. We got fed, we got sight, and we got beaks! Together at last. Free to talk..... Free to chat..... Free to sing..... Free to lift up our smalls wings while we sing!"

"And, boy, we've got some catching up to do! You wouldn't believe it - I had the best fiber-filled casserole this weekend. Filled me to the brim. It was light, white, and fluffy - just like mashed potatoes.  No gravy, of course. I've never been much to like a lot of gravy. Puts too many curves in the wrong places - so they say. Dessert? Well, of course I had some! A sweet, strawberry frozen treat was just what my beak was watering for. Brought tears to my new little black beady eyes. Do you ever have tears in your eyes? I do. It's an amazing thing. Just like rain from the sky. I love rain from the sky. I love the sky. It's blue. Blue is very pretty."

"Me? Well, of course I was sooooo excited to see that my new pink-spring-fling one-sie was laid out for me to wear. I love the fit of it - it is perfect for my slightly flushed complexion - and, I must say, I think I look simply adorable! A hat? Heavens no - I don't think I need a hat with it - do you? Although with Easter approaching, a new bonnet would be quite lovely. If I get a new bonnet, I won't have to worry about a new hair style. I've always been quite particular about my hair, but as of late, it seems like I worry less and less about it. It's part of growing older, I guess. I'm no spring chick, you know. Well wait....maybe I am."

"Busy? Oh my word, I just cannot understand how busy I've been as of late. Seems I'm picking seed here - finding water droplets there - it's work, work, work. Now the penguin, do you ever see him as busy as us peeps? Oh, sure - they do they share of waddling to and fro - but is there a purpose? I suppose there is. But I've never understood the penguin. Why wouldn't they want to be bright, light peep colors like us? They are constantly stuck in their black and white suits. I think it's high time someone gives them a little makeover. When's the last time the penguin had a makeover? Why not add a dash of blue....or certainly purple. Why not purple? It's the color of royalty, don't you know? Royalty is so......royal."

"Oh for the simply wonderful weather we've had this weekend. Birds singing, breeze blowing, peeps peeping....yakkity....yak....yak...."

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  1. These are so cute! And I love the buttons you showed us a few posts before this. It's always terrific to find another blogger from Wisconsin!