Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Tutorial Blog Hop - Recycled Wool Pin Cushion

Yay! So happy to have you visit for today's March Tutorial Blog Hop! It's been a great month of some fantastic tutorials and I'm honored to be able to wrap-up the month for you.

Surprise! My tutorial is creating with recycled wool!

I hope you enjoy this playful look at creating your very own recycled wool pin cushion. And most of all.....have fun!


  1. Hi Ann,

    wow, this is great.
    Thanks for sharing. That felt covered pin is so cute.


  2. your TWPC is so sweet. yes run to thrift store. the bobble pin is cute too. all Stitched teachers have such great ideas. thank you!

  3. Ann, I am new to your blog and love it! Thanks for the tutorial, it was fun!

  4. Thanks everyone! I had so much fun putting the tutorial together.

    Jeannine - thanks! So glad that you visited! :-)

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