Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Wool Invention of the Century

You know it. We all have it. We come up with something in our head that we think is going to be IT!

I had a brief glimpse of that success last night when I finished a new pin cushion. Ok. So it's not really an "invention" - but I thought it was pretty clever at the moment.

By accident, I came up with....ta da.......the reversible pin cushion!

You can use it one way...

Or turn it upside down and use it the other way...

After my initial stardom excitement settled, I realized that it's probably been done hundreds of times - not to mention - it's certainly not anything that would be required in every home - but I still kind of like it. I'm going to play with adding more petals to my next one.

I posted it for sale on Etsy today. Let's see how fast it takes the whole-wide-world to find this wonderful, facinating, new creation!  Ha!  :-)

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