Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last Friday, James Arness passed away. He was 88.

I remember fondly those past Thursday nights at 7:00, my family would gather and settle in to watch Gunsmoke. It was my dad's favorite show. The towering (6'7") Matt Dillon would guard and look after Dodge City every week - without fail. Festus was often right behind him with his spurs a jingling.

Taken from brandimposter.com.

If you don't know James Arness well and want to learn a bit more about him, check out this informative little article. I wasn't even aware that he was originally from Minneapolis, MN, and when shooting close-up shots on the set, they would have fellow actors stand on platforms so their faces could all be in the same camera frame!

Although James has probably been quite busy since last Friday, I'm pretty darn sure that my dad and him have already gotten to know each other. We'll call it an Earl and James break. :-)

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