Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Table Redo

I've been a gal without a nightstand (do people still call them that?) for quite some time. So when I spied this sweet little piece - I knew it was just what I needed to put next to my bed.

I don't know if I should even share with you what I've been using for - well, what seems like forever.  But here goes:  I've been using my little garbage can with a nice, flat, wicker basket (you know the kind that is often used in the garden to collect flowers?) laying on top of it. Sure, it's worked ok - but certainly wasn't what I wanted there forever. And in the meantime, I just hadn't found just what I wanted...until now.

Anyway......it came with some rough spots on the top - but other than that - really a nice little piece.

The weekend before last, I set up my living room/painting studio. (My son's girlfriend laughs at me and says she's never seen anyone paint furniture in their living room before.)  :-)

I was extra lazy that day - and didn't even bother looking further than my kitchen cupboard for something to put under the table legs while painting.  Uffdah. Yes, those ARE tuna cans that you see under there. (Hey - there's a first time for everything!)

I dug out my increasingly favorite white paint can and got to work. I was able to pull it back together by the next day and get it's original hardware back on (the best step in the process!). I was pleased with the end result. 

I'm once again a gal with a nightstand.

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  1. very nice! I like the tuna cans. and I'm glad to know the spelling for "uffdah." We don't hear that a lot in Ohio...