Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Difference a Day Makes

Sure - I tell you at the beginning of the week not to expect any posts from me this week - and here I am getting another post out there.

But I really wanted to get this one posted this week. So let's start by saying that we have had a weird April-weather week.

Photo ONE:  Tuesday morning. Lovely, fresh, encouraging.

Photo TWO: Wednesday morning (for real!). Cold, fragile, needing shelter.

I realized after taking these photos, that my days can often be like this as well. One day I might be feeling good - like I can do most anything - like I can overcome most obstacles. And the next day I may feel like I want to hide - like I'm defeated - like I can barely breathe because I'm buried too deep.

Even though I can't control Mother Nature, I'm wondering if I can control my emotional weather in a more balanced way.

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