Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here Comes the Sun from Recycled Wool

With the sunshine that has blessed us the past week come some bright and cheery pillows.

Although you can't really see the correct tone of the pillows in these photos (I guess I snapped them too early in the morning), they are made from a very bright-pastel-ish-yellow blanket. I know, I know - that doesn't make much sense - how can they be bright AND pastel at the same time - but that's the best kind of description I can come up with for it.

Anyway...with that great blanket, I made a couple "flying kites" pillows (using all kinds of different bright, fun colored pieces [caution: but don't really try using them to fly your kite - it'll be a flop of an afternoon!]) and a couple of my bird pillows. I kind of missed my little birds - I haven't made any pillows with them for quite some time.

I won't be putting these on Etsy - in a few days they'll be heading to a couple stores where I have my goods. Unless, of course, anyone wants to purchase them in the meantime. If you do - feel free to drop me a note. If not - heck fire - drop me a note anyway. It's always fun to hear from friends!

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