Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T-Shirt Scarf Cut-Out

Here's a project I did awhile back and was always meaning to get the tutorial posted. Guess I got busy and didn't get it done until now.

This project was inspired by Alabama Chanin, who does the most incredible work! My little "trial" project is nothing compared to what she can create - but we have to start somewhere, right?

Start with old t-shirts you no longer want.

Cut two strips of background fabric the preferred length and width of your scarf. Using a simple stencil/template, trace where you would like your stencil design to be.

Take a piece of contrasting t-shirt and place it behind your drawn on stencil pattern. Using your machine (or you can sew by hand) stitch around on your drawn lines. Then carefully cut out your top fabric only just inside your stitched lines.

You'll repeat this process as many times as necessary for the design you have chosen. (This is how goofy it will look on back while working on it.)

As you can see, I chose to sew around many openings without cutting the thread. Then you can clean-up by cutting the strands close to the fabric. (I actually like this part - oddly enough, it's kind of relaxing for me.)

You will also want to trim away excess fabric on the back side of the scarf to clean-up as well as avoid bunching and bulking.

Sew together (right sides facing) your two pieces of completed scarf fabrics and turn right-side out. Hand stitch together your turning hole. I added some extra fabric on the ends to create fringe. Simply cut strips about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide almost to the top of your piece of fabric. Then carefully stretch out each of the strips to create a fun and sassy fringe on each end.

Up close of one design.

Up close of another part of the design. Fun project. Quick and easy. The more you practice, the more detailed work a person can do with this art. Have fun!


  1. Are you using wool for the main part of the scarf? Or is a knit?

  2. It is cut from a t-shirt (and pieced together to be able to have the length I wanted). I have not done this process with wool yet - but I've got that on my "to-do" list. I think it would be so cute to do a pillow with just "dots" cut out. If I ever get to it, I'll post it! :-)

  3. I love this idea. It came out great, very chic.
    I just popped over from Tea Rose Home's Link Party.


  4. Thanks Ruth! It really is a fun way to reuse old t-shirts. And the different possibilities are endless!