Sunday, December 6, 2009

One of a Kind Scha-zzzam!

I just returned from Chicago. I had an opportunity to spend a short while at the 35th annual One of a Kind Show. All I can say is – Scha-zzzam!
There are so many incredibly talented artists there. I was nearly knocked over by a couple of the wool booths (of course). The altered clothing and other wool items took my breath away. What great stuff!

There was a special Etsy corner – and I was able to quickly introduce myself to an Etsy employee and thank them for the opportunity to present my wool goodies to others online.

The close of the art show visit (at 9:00 pm) made me want to drop everything, run home and create – but I still had two more nights to stay in the hotel and for some reason didn’t have any wool with me to occupy my fingers. So, instead I went to bed and tried to bring sleep to my up-since-six-and-working-a-conference-all-day exhausted body. About 35 minutes later – after much tossing and turning (of myself and the creative side of my brain), I was forced to get up, turn on the light and feverishly scribble down everything I could think of that was running through my mind. Not only did I get new ideas for things of my own – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the internet and browse further the sites of some new artists I just met.

So now it’s Sunday evening, have retrieved (or maybe she would say rescued!) my girl, Charlotte, from the doggie boarding kennel, snuggled in back at home and anxious to work on new wool projects. I've got a happy girl and all is well.

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