Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Purple Passion

I've been very creatively challenged for many months now. It seems I've lost my desire to create. You have no idea how hard that statement is for me to make. I have always created and have always HAD to create. It's just who I've always been and what I've always done.

I'm not sure - but I think I got to a point in my wool work where I was feeling like I was just pumping out product because I had to - not because I was enjoying it. I work a full-time job in addition to working my creations. I'm not using that as an excuse - because many other people do the same - but I think I just became exhausted and burned out.

While cleaning through some things a couple weeks ago, I ran across some of my first wool experiential pieces. When I looked at them, they were all individual pieces - nothing amazing or earth-shattering, but what many of them had in common was the extra detailed work.

Suddenly it hit me - maybe what I'm missing is not the creating - but perhaps the enjoyment of relaxing, spending as long as I needed on each piece, and the joy of putting more detailed, loving care into each item.

I'm going to move forward trying to balance the need-to-get-done and the want-to-spend-time-on pieces. There is enjoyment in both. With balance.

Anyway....here's a little peek at one of my first items - a small clutch/coin bag. I hand embroidered flowers and leaves on the front and the word "Grow" on the back with simple blanket-stitching around the entire piece. I still love the great shades of purple. [Well, duh, of course I would. :-)]


  1. Love the flowers. They remind me of purple asters.

  2. I understand... I, too, struggle to find that balance. I just try to be sure I'm making things I love. I don't always find others that love them, too. For me the therapy of making is more important than the thrill of finding a buyer... And just often enough someone comes along that loves what I do, so I keep doing it and I'm not drowning in wool kitty cats!