Friday, February 3, 2012

Geez Whiz

I love fake cheese. There, I've said it.

The ever-popular Cheez Whiz is at the top of my list of favorite fakes. It's great on sandwiches and toast, makes a great warm chip dip when mixed with canned Hormel chili, and an be added to different dishes to give it a smooth cheesy taste.

After I've eaten it all up, I use the cleaned jar for holding buttons, wool bobbles, and other little things.

But we certainly wouldn't want to use the jar "as is", now would we? So, it's time to doll them up a bit.

I like to spray paint the covers and use Modge Podge to decoupage a fun, scrapbooking paper circle on top. After the decoupage is thoroughly dry, I use Dimension Magic to add fun dimension to the paper.

Now I'm off to eat more Cheez Whiz to get more jars to decorate!

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