Thursday, February 9, 2012

Almost Strawberry Season

While cleaning out some old boxes last weekend, I ran across a sweet, aged strawberry pin cushion that was in my grandmother's things. 

I honestly don't even recall seeing it at her house through the years - well, to be honest - I didn't even remember it when I saw it - but it was amongst other items that of hers - so I know it came from her house. I'm thinking that it most likely was my great-grandmothers. 

My great-grandmother was a lovely, quiet farmer's wife, who I'm sure hardly had a day of her adult life where she didn't put on one of her darling work-aprons and labor from dusk to dawn in the kitchen lovingly preparing nourishing meals for her husband and others working tirelessly on the farm. I'm touched to be able to still have several of her aprons. She passed when I was just 16 and my great-grandfather passed just a couple short years past that.

However, I digress (as I often do!). 

Back to my sweet strawberry.

Without a doubt, my little strawberry pin cushion was used as that pin depository, and also filled the pin sharpening duty as well, as it is filled with a fine emery sand. Emery sand is top-notch for sharpening pins and needles.

I've decided that this little nugget of velvet and sand can no longer hide out in a box in the attic. It's now taking front stage on one of my favorite shelves made by my dad. (I'll show you some of my dad's incredible handiwork soon!)

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