Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays!

It's not very often that I purposely decide to not write a blog post, but I have decided that I should alleviate a little extra stress and take one "to do" off my list. I'll be taking a holiday from my blog. I won't be posting anything until after Christmas. But I'll be back - hopefully with a lot of new projects and stories - after the holiday.

To close the year, I chose to greet you during the holiday with a snowy ski-jump story in loving memory of my mom - who enjoyed cross-country skiing when she was a young gal.

She was raised in Timber Coulee where a ski-hill, the Snowflake Ski Club, is located just a few miles from where she lived. My uncles, cousins, great-grandfather, and many family friends were very involved and instrumental in the success of the ski-hill over the years. We even had some good friends that lived just across the road from the ski-hill. I know they are all now enjoying a heaven-Christmas-season together - which I'm sure is far beyond our dreams.

This is an old photo of the ski hill - which we drove by as we headed to my great-grandparents after church every Sunday for our family dinner.
Snowflake Ski Club ski jump

This is a sweet photo of my great-uncle - who was very involved every year with the annual ski tournament. Mom always called him "Unk".
Paul Oium aka "Unk"

I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas.

PS. Check out the Timber Coulee Cottage. It's a sweet little cottage that used to be owned by our cousins and is on the property line of my great-grandfather's farm (in photo above) - which is still being farmed by another cousin.

Dang. I best get going  - all this talk about family - I'm getting so homesick for them, that I think I better go finish getting my Christmas cards addressed to them!

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