Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey...Nice Legs!

One of our favorite co-workers is leaving our organization to pursue an entirely different career. She's going from Editor to Flight Attendant! Wow - what a switch!

So, like I said - she's a favorite and the group wanted to do something special for her. One of the gals went digging in her shed and magically pulled out these great looking metal legs - long ago the support of something - although we aren't sure what.

We investigated having a metal worker make a metal top to create a table. We then wanted to create a mosaic piece for the top. After his estimate of $140, we decided to go another route.

Another co-worker took it home for her husband to look at. He,very smartly, cut a round piece of plywood, bent the top pieces down a bit and used them to firmly attach the top to the base with some nuts and bolts. comes my part. I'm in charge of doing the mosaic. I've been working on it this week and will be finishing it up by the end of the weekend. I think it's coming along nicely - and I'll show you the finished piece when I'm done.

Stayed tuned.

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