Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yup. Spring Has Sprung!

Ahhhh. The beautiful sign of spring has popped it's cute little green head out of the still cold ground. I love it.

Springtime means cleaning up yards, fresh air, open windows, clothes hanging on clotheslines, little green heads popping out of the ground, renewed energy, happy faces, lowering (or turning off) thermostats, daily slathering lotion on feet - because it's quickly becoming sandal-time, walks, gardening and wool.  (Thought I'd just throw the last one in to see if you're really listening. :-)

Happy Spring.  It's officially here. I don't always go by when the calendar says it's the first day of spring - I judge spring's arrival by chives. When they've worked their way through the soil for me to grab a stem and smell the fresh smell of chive - that's when spring has arrived!

PS. I'm now on a new Mac laptop (thanks to a good friend!) - and I'm even having a fresh new springtime start with a virus-free computer!

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