Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crown of Thorns

While driving from the airport to our hotel during my recent trip to Naples, FL,  I saw clumps of pinkish flowers growing all over - especially in the median on the highways.

Once we arrived at our hotel, lo-and-behold, the same plants were there as well. After bending down to see what this plant was that had captured my attention, it only took one moment to realize with much delight that it was Crown of Thorns.

It has been many years since I've seen a Crown of Thorns. When I was in my late teens, my grandma gave me a clipping of her plant. I had it for several years before it decided to quit flourishing for me. But I've alway loved the plant (even though much of it is poisonous if ingested).

My first thought when seeing it again was that I should take a clipping to take back home with me. But would that be stealing? (It's always been a question for me if taking seeds from flowers that don't belong to in a planter in a downtown stealing. I say no. :-) Would the plant survive if I took a tiny stem? How do you get clippings from this plant - I couldn't remember the proper way? If I was caught taking some, would I get thrown in the Naples slammer? I decided that I wouldn't take the chance.

But it sure was a treat to see if growing and blooming so beautifully all over the landscape. Hmmm...I may just have to do a quick google search and see if I should get another plant for myself after all these years...the totally-legal way.

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