Saturday, February 20, 2010

Drip, Drop, Slop

Yesterday morning at 4:20 am, I awoke to a dripping noise. After taking a few seconds to figure out what that strange noise would be, I quickly bolted out of bed. My toilet was overflowing. I don't know for how long. But by the looks of things, let's assume a long time. 

Now, it was not only dripping but it was actually a solid stream of water coming onto the floor of the room below it (through the ceiling light fixture).
What a thing. I spent the first hour bailing water - crying - calling plumbers - cussing - and bailing more water (up and down the stairs and out the back door - I certainly got my share of exercise in for the day!). Well, to say the least - it was a mess.

So instead of going to work as I normally would on a Friday, I spent the day with a father and son plumbing team.  As nice and helpful as they were....hmmm....I think I would have much rather enjoyed a stressful day at work instead.

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