Friday, January 1, 2010

Dreaming Big in 2010

Wow - this week between Christmas and New Year's has flown by. I've been busy, busy, busy....well, maybe not really busy, but let's just say that I've filled my days and nights.

Heading into work a bit - but having most of the week free, I've watched TV marathons (Twilight Zone marathon New Year's Eve AND New Year's Day), played computer games, napped alot, cleaned a little and in my spare time managed to do a little wool work. I can honestly say that I haven't been very productive. But I guess that's what time off is for. I'll try to not feel too guilty.

I'm not normally one for resolutions in the new year, but this year I do have a few. I want to eat better, exercise more, take better care of myself and.....dream big. Why dream big?  Well, really - what's the sense in dreaming if you don't make it worthwhile?

I plan to keep dreaming big and watching my dreams come true. I hope your big dreams come true too!

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