Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Scarf is Born

I recently made a comment to someone saying, "I haven't touched any wool all summer". Now I know to the average person, the response would probably be, "Well, why would you?" But as you know, for me, it's an odd thing.

But wait...

Hark? Do you hear something?

Is it the angels singing? The Alleluia chorus perhaps?

I believe they are celebrating for me because I've actually begun to get a little of my creative breath moving again through my lungs.

Last weekend, I worked on cutting quite a bit of wool. Stacks of it. Many stacks. Beautiful stacks.

After all the cutting, low and behold, I even started sewing! This season I've decided to create a new style of wool scarf. Partly because after about 4 years of making basically the same pattern, I wanted to do something different. And I also felt certain that my customers might like to see something different as well.

I really am in love with some of the bigger/longer scarves that wrap multiple times around your neck. They always look to be so comfy, cozy, and casual. So, after something online that I really liked, I wanted to try creating something similar.

Take a peek and see what you think!

Do you notice that sweet lace on the left side of the scarf? That was part of the original sweater and I loved how it looked as it made it's way into my scarf.

LOL. My sweet little planter boy stayed nice and cozy all night long!

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