Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Story About People

Some family came to visit over Easter weekend. On Saturday, a nice young gentleman came to the front door and said that he was having troubles. He and his girlfriend [or wife, I'm not sure which] were heading to a horse show and some bearings [I say that like I really know what that is] broke on the horse trailer he was pulling. He had two horses in the trailer and had parked just outside my house - but up a couple doorways.

I told him the name of a reputable car repair place about a mile away and gave him their number. He thanked us and proceeded to tell us that he would call them because he didn't think that he could drive his truck and trailer even that far. He then headed off to his truck.

After we went inside, I started thinking that maybe I should give him a couple other phone numbers just in case there wasn't anyone available at that mechanic, so I looked up a few other possible places and jotted their numbers on a slip of paper. While I was doing this - we heard a terrible racket and realized that one of the horses in his trailer was very scared and kicking terribly in the trailer.

I walked to their truck to give him the number and his girlfriend/wife was propped up on the wheel of the trailer with her hands in the openings in order to help comfort their horse. I guess the poor thing was just scared and wanted out.

I told them that I wanted to give him a couple other phone numbers and he thanked me and said that he had ended up calling his brother [who lived about 1 1/2-2 hrs away] and he was going to hook up his trailer and come down to help.

I was glad to hear that they had help coming and went back home. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew all decided to sit down for a little bite to eat. We were planning on a big supper, so we wanted to just grab a little something [as it was lunchtime] to tide us over until an early supper. We got out cheese, salami, and crackers and proceeded to munch away. We then had a little [required!] dessert and were in the process of cleaning up when I said I felt bad that we had just eaten but that poor young couple were just sitting out there in their truck.

So my brother-in-law and I gathered up some other cheese, meats, crackers, donuts [left from our breakfast treat], and some bottled water. He took the little "lunch" up to them and I guess he told them that "his sister-in-law insisted that they have some lunch".  He said that they were both very surprised and thankful for the gesture.

As we were eating our Easter dinner on Sunday, my brother-in-law commented that, although he had enjoyed our entire weekend together, he thought the best part of the weekend was taking that little bit of food to the young couple while they waited for help.

As the story often goes, I thought the story ended there. I had felt bad that they had the trouble and even though we had given them the little lunch, I had wished that we could have done more to help.

But imagine my surprise today when I saw a beautiful hanging flower basket and an envelope at my front door. They had left me the flowers and a card that read:

"Thank you so much for the help and lunch when our truck was broke down. That was so nice. People should be more like you."

I couldn't believe how incredibly sweet of them it was to do that. If I would have been able to tell them in person, here's what I would have said:

"You're so welcome. And...people should be more like you."

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