Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's Scarf Weather

I hate to have to admit it, but here in Wisconsin, it's getting close to warm scarf weather. On one hand, I love it - because it means more fun for me making new scarves. On the other hand, I'm hesitant, because it means cold winter weather on the way.

I decided to use some of the smaller pieces of recycles wool sweaters that I have (which gets to be a lot!) and work them into new scarves. After stitching together rectangle pieces to make the length of the scarf, I knew more embellishment was in order. Enter flowers, grommets and "seam" fringe!

I love to add flowers to a lot of my work - so why not some happy summer flowers for those long winter months? I stitched on flowers and leaves to one end of the scarf and embellished the flowerettes with some simple embroidery using black wool yarn.

Then came the grommets. I knew I wanted to add some fringe at the ends using the seams of the wool sweaters. (I always carefully cut out the seams of wool sweaters when disassembling and then felt them for new uses.) I decided that four grommets on each end would be sufficient and chose to use the nice large size.

With grommets in place, I then tied on the fringe and made small stitches through the knots of the fringe to assure they don’t loosen during use.

WaLa. In no time I actually had two new scarves! Maybe I might just make a few more for some fun Christmas gifts this year…

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